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Songwriters article in MKE features Jym - June 6, 2008

This week's issue of MKE has a feature article called Tune Tales in which six area songwriters discuss their craft. The artists include the Bodeans, Blonde on Blonde, Bear Proof Suit, John Sieger, Flights, and Jym, who talks about "Frank Said." If you live outside of Milwaukee, you can read the story on-line at
Contrary to what the story says, The Coffee House was founded in 1967 by Agnes Zeidler, Frank Zeidler's wife, and NOT by Jym (which would have been a neat trick, seeing as he was only 10 years old at the time!).

CD review: War Stories - Larry Penn (Cookie Man Music 2008) - May 28, 2008

I am so excited about Larry's new CD that I wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. Jym

Larry Penn's new CD, War Stories, is a masterwork by one of Milwaukee's
finest folk music performers. On this excellent CD Larry explores the feelings and concerns of working people serving in times of war. He collects satirical ballads made up and sung in barracks by the working stiffs in uniform ("Army Life," "The Daring Young Man in a P-39") and popular songs like "Lili Marlene" and Woody Guthrie's "Reuben James," then adds some of his own well-crafted songs ("The Sullivans," "Dewey Pratt," "Sins of the Father") for a whole that is very much more than the sum of its parts. The songs reference America's wars from World War I up through Iraq, with echoes of earlier conflicts (note the inclusion of the Civil War era fiddle tune "Soldier's Joy" in "Dewey Pratt").

Larry has never been captured in better performing shape. His guitar
picking is rock solid, and he sings with a confidence and nuance that many a
younger performer would well envy. Just listen to the sweet sadness he
brings to "Lili Marlene," or the anger that drives "Sins of the Father." The original songs reflect a lifetime of careful thought and observation of human nature. Whether he is creating a portrait of a demanding drill instructor ("Sgt. Plisco") or bringing the WWI chestnut "Hinky Dinky Parley Vous" to new life in a wickedly funny 21st century update, Larry displays again and again why his songwriting is deeply respected across the country. The songs are arranged with a spare grace, featuring occasional embellishments of banjo, guitar, and accordion that enhance but never detract from the heart of each song.

War Stories may well be Larry's finest achievement to date, a deeply mature
and riveting work that bears repeated listenings well. Each song is a delight, and taken as a whole the result is a stunning and moving tribute to our citizen soldiers.

Simply Folk's Memorial Day program airs Jym and Larry's tributes to Frank Zeidler - May 26, 2008

Wisconsin Public Radio's Simply Folk program celebrated Memorial Day with a special Memories, Memorials, and Tributes show. Host Tom Martin-Erickson took the opportunity to play both tracks from Songs For Frank Zeidler, the new CD from Larry Penn and Jym. Thanks, Tom!

Speaking of Larry, don't miss the release celebration for his new CD, War Stories, at Cafe Carpe in Ft. Atkinson on June 7th! The album is possibly Larry's finest work, and the Moxie Chicks (who contributed a song to the project) will be on hand to help Larry launch the album's release with a special concert. See our Calendar page for details!

Mooney Tunes gets reviewed in the Shepherd Express - April 23, 2008

Milwaukee's Shepherd Express newspaper gave Mooney Tunes and Maynard Melodies a nice review in this week's issue. If you live outside of the area, you can read the review on-line at

New CD - Songs for Frank Zeidler - April 4, 2008

"Frank Said," Jym's wonderful tribute to the late Milwaukee mayor and longtime community activist, Frank Zeidler, has long been available for download from this website. At the request of the Zeidler family, this song is now being released on a specially-priced CD. Jym is deeply honored to have his song share the CD with "In My Father's Mansion," written and performed by the Dean of Milwaukee folksingers, Larry Penn. Together, Jym and Larry pay tribute to the life and work of one of Milwaukee's greatest and most beloved citizens. This CD is available at performances by Jym, Larry, and the Moxie Chicks. You can view the cover art on our Photos page.

Simply Folk celebrates "Springtime" - March 23, 2008

Wisconsin Public Radio's Simply Folk played the Moxie Chicks' recording of "Springtime in Ohio" tonight, and host Tom Martin-Erickson gave Jym "extra credit" for rhyming guano with Capistrano. You can request more Moxie tunes by emailing Simply Folk at or by visiting their weppage:
On another note, we really enjoyed our premier performance at Fixx Coffee House in St. Francis last night. It's a great venue for acoustic music, with delicious coffees, teas, and other beverages, tasty food, and a comfortable atmosphere. We'll be back there again soon, we promise!

Jym's CD release concert filled with love and fun - February 3, 2008

Last night's CD release concert for Mooney Tunes And Maynard Melodies at The Coffee House was a big success. Francesca (Her Highness of Small Fryness) and Jerry Danks (the Duke of Dobro) warmed the crowd up with a set of Frannie's wonderful songs, then Jym performed a set featuring the songs from his new CD. Jym's second set highlighted old favorites and several unrecorded gems from his songbag. Jym was aided through the evening by Carol, Jerry, and the Moxie Chicks. Surprise guests on stage included Brett Kemnitz, Jonathon Leubner (happy birthday, Jon!), and nephew Jim Hopkins. The enthusiastic crowd thoroughly enjoyed themselves, singing along lustily to several songs. Judging by comments from many members of the audience, one of the night's highlights was a moving rendition of a song that Jym wrote for his late father, "When You Tried." Thanks to everyone for coming out and giving Jym's new CD such a successful launch! (If you missed the concert, you can pick up a copy of Jym's CD either through CD Baby or at the next Moxie Chicks performance.) Jym would like to thank Carol for making the beautiful Hawaiian shirt that he wore at the concert, and Barb Webber for bringing a batch of tasty homemade oatmeal cookies to share.

Radio play for Mooney Tunes and Maynard Melodies - January 27, 2008

Wisconsin Public Radio's Simply Folk gave Jym's upcoming CD release concert a plug on tonight's show, then played "The Tree" from the CD. Thanks to Tom and Randall for the support!

Samples from Mooney Tunes and Maynard Melodies now available - January 16, 2008

Click on the Music button in the Destinations column to your left to listen to excerpts from Jym's new CD.

Mooney Tunes and Maynard Melodies now available for sale on-line - January 4, 2008

For those of you who don't want to wait for the CD release concert in February, Jym's new CD is now available on-line at CD Baby. Click on the Buy link in the Destinations column to your left for more info.

In Memory of John Sutte (1946-2007) - December 30, 2007

My high school music teacher, John Sutte, died on Christmas Day 2007. John's music classes were creative laboratories for aspiring performers. We spent every class hour jamming in classrooms and hallways, learning to play with other musicians and sharpening our own skills. John helped us put on concerts at the school and produced an LP featuring several of his students in 1975. On a personal note, he slipped me albums from his own collection that helped expand my musical ear (he very carefully warned me not to tell anyone who had loaned me the Mothers of Invention album!). The experience I got as a performer with John's guidance set me well on the way to who I am today. Sadly, I was not able to share with John the fruits of the seeds he planted so long ago. He suffered a catastrophic stroke over 20 years ago, and was confined to a nursing home for the rest of his life. I lost track of his whereabouts, and I regret not being able to keep in touch with him over the years. He was an inspiring teacher with a wacky sense of humor and a genuine love of music, and he shared those things with the lucky ones who were able to be his students. I salute his life and his work.
Good night, Mr. Sutte.

Jym Mooney announces release of new solo CD, Mooney Tunes and Maynard Melodies - December 25, 2007

Moxie Chicks songwriter/guitarist Jym Mooney will release his first new solo album since 1999 with a special concert on Feb. 2, 2008 at The Coffee House. "Mooney Tunes and Maynard Melodies" collects over a dozen songs Jym has written over the years celebrating the lives and quirks of his large family. Many wonderful Milwaukee musicians joined Jym in the studio to create this highly personal and whimsical CD, including Craig Siemsen, David Fox, Jerry Danks, Sandy Stehling & Ruth Williams, Barb & Tom Webber, Larry Penn, Brett Kemnitz, and, of course, the Moxie Chicks. Special guests on the CD include Jym's nieces and nephews Grace, Seth, Jimmy, and Hannah, and his granddaughter Kara. The talented and delightful Francesca, who contributed a specially written song to the project, will open the concert. Mark your calendars now for this very special event! (You can see the cover art for this CD on our Photos page.)

The Moxie Chicks congratulate Evan Christian - December 4, 2007

Our sincere congratulations and best wishes go out to Evan Christian, winner of the Best Acoustic Musician category in the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee Reader's Poll. And our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you whose votes put us among the top three finalists. You folks are the best!

Tonight's concert is CANCELLED - December 1, 2007

Tonight's concert at The Coffee House has been cancelled due to the winter storm and severe road conditions predicted for the evening. We apologize to everyone, and hope to reschedule later this season for The Coffee House.

The Moxie Chicks make the finals in the Shepherd Express Reader's Poll - November 15, 2007

We learned yesterday that your votes helped land the Moxie Chicks in the top three of the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee Reader's Poll for Best Acoustic Musicians. Wow! We are honored by your support! The final winner will be announced on December 4th at a fund-raising event for the Hunger Task Force (details at

Jym unveils his own MySpace page - November 11, 2007

Jym has launched his own MySpace page, in preparation for the release of his new solo CD in early 2008. Come on by and sign up on his Friends list, so you'll get all the news on this exciting project when it happens. Just click here:

Simply Folk salutes Jym's shirt - November 4, 2007

Tonight Wisconsin Public Radio's Simply Folk aired highlights from The Coffee House's 40th Anniversary Concert recorded last May. After playing Jym and Carol's set, host Tom Martin-Erickson commented, "I wish you could have seen Jym's shirt that night. Well, you didn't really have to see it, you could HEAR it! It was the wildest Hawaiian shirt I've ever seen." Thanks for the fine compliment, Tom! (And thanks to John and Sue Hrobar, who gave me that shirt for my birthday!)

Working for the Cookie Man - September 15, 2007

This week Jym joined Tom Webber and Brett Kemnitz to record some backing vocals for a track on Larry Penn's upcoming CD, which will feature songs about working people in wartime. It's always a pleasure working with Larry!

Vote Moxie Chicks! - August 30, 2007

The Shepherd Express is running its annual Best Of Milwaukee reader's poll now through September 19th. You can vote for your favorite restaurants, politicians, clubs, stores, etc. In the Arts & Entertainment section you can vote for your favorite Acoustic Musician (that's spelled M-O-X-I-E C-H-I-C-K-S).

You can vote by filling out the paper ballot available in your weekly Shepherd Express, or you can vote on-line at
One vote per person, please. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't encourage all of your friends to join the vote, of course! Thanks for your support!

Jym entertains at the Socialist Party picnic - July 28, 2007

Jym sang his tribute to the late Socialist Milwaukee mayor Frank Zeidler this afternoon at the 110th Anniversary Picnic of the Wisconsin Socialist Party. "Frank Said" was greeted with enthusiastic applause from the attendees.

Dirty Linen reviews Cross Me, Fool! - July 7, 2007

Dirty Linen, the nationally distributed folk and world music magazine, gave Cross Me, Fool! a positive review in their latest (August/September 2007) issue. Thanks for the support, Dirty Linen!

The Moxie Chicks are now on MySpace - June 17, 2007

The Moxie Chicks have a page set up on MySpace, and we invite you to visit us there to listen to our music and discover our "friends." Come on over and join us! If you are already a MySpace participant, just do a search for Moxie Chicks, or else just click here:

Dr. Demento strikes again! - June 5, 2007

Radio host Dr. Demento played Jym's song "Murphy (The Three-Legged Beer Swillin' Hound)" this past weekend on his nationally syndicated show. This is the third time the good doctor has aired "Murphy."

Jym's tribute to Frank Zeidler now available exclusively on our website - June 2, 2007

Jym's song "Frank Said," recorded live at The Coffee House's 40th Anniversary Concert, is now available for listening or downloading. Just go to our music page by clicking on Music in the Destinations column to your left.

Photo gallery from The Coffee House's 40th Anniversary Concert - May 26, 2007

Photographer George Lottermoser took lots of wonderful photos at The Coffee House's 40th Anniversary Concert. You can view a slideshow at this link:
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