From the recording Blues For Stevie

This unique recording was made in June 1985 while Jym was visiting Bryan and Kevin Kanieski, two old friends from high school who had moved to Georgia. After dinner with the families, Kevin suggested that we cap the day by writing a song. Bryan and his wife Jolene had converted a spare bedroom in their home into a rehearsal room/recording studio, so we got to work. While Bryan set up the recording equipment, Kevin and Jym worked out some basic tracks with bass and acoustic guitar, aided by occasional suggestions from Bryan. Then Bryan tossed a notepad to Jym and said, "Okay, now write some lyrics." We had spent much of the afternoon discussing the fates of some of our old school pals, and with those thoughts and feelings still near the surface, the song came forth. By the time Bryan began layering on electric guitars, Jolene had gone to bed. The next day she listened to what we had recorded and then added drums. While Jym released a new and quite different recording of this song on his 1991 cassette It Ain't A Sin To Grin, this original version has never before been released.