Molasses strikes again! 

There is nothing new under the sun. This week news leaked out of a huge molasses spill in Honolulu harbor in Hawaii. Several folks have pointed out the connection to Jym's song "Molasses" from his CD East Side Guy, which chronicles the Great Molasses Flood in Boston in 1919. For your pleasure, we have made the entire song available on our Music page for streaming. Enjoy this sweet treat!

Radio play for "Sisters" on 9/11 

We were very gratified to hear the Moxie Chicks' recording of Jym's song "Sisters" played Sunday on Wisconsin Public Radio's Simply Folk and on WUNH's The Folk Show in Durham, NH. Thanks to Stephanie and Jack for their support! This recording is available on our anthology CD One Ball of Clay - Songs of Peace and Hope, which is available on-line from CD Baby. Click on the Buy link to your left for more information.

"Sisters" streaming in honor of 9/11 

You can now listen on-line to the full recording of "Sisters" recorded by the Moxie Chicks from the anthology CD One Ball of Clay - Songs of Peace and Hope. Click on our Music page to listen.

Positive review of Middle Aged Garage Band in this week's Shepherd Express! 

We are delighted to receive a very nice review in this week's Shepherd Express. If you are not in the area to pick up a copy at your local store, you can read the review on-line here: or read it on our Press page. Thanks a lot to Jamie Lee Rake, who writes local music reviews for the Shepherd!

Middle Aged Garage Band now available from CD Baby 

You can order your very own copy of our new CD, Middle Aged Garage Band, from the good folks at CD Baby. Just click here: And you can listen to samples from each track of the CD here on our website. Click on the Music icon in the menu.

That three-legged beer-swillin' hound gets around! 

We just got word that Jym's song "Murphy (The Three-Legged Beer-Swillin' Hound)" aired this morning on The Folk Show on WUNH at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Today's show theme was Dogs and Cats, and Murphy slipped in right between Utah Phillips' "Queen of the Rails" and Mike Seeger's "Tennessee Hound." Thanks to Erin for suggesting Murphy, and to host Jack Beard for playing it.

The Moxie Chicks' new CD is almost here! 

We are thrilled to announce that our new CD, MIDDLE AGED GARAGE BAND, is completed and is now at the manufacturer. Recorded at our 100th gig last April at The Coffee House, our second album features favorite pop songs from the 1920s through today, plus two great new songs: Jonnie's "Tinker Bell Blues" and our friend Brett Kemnitz's classic "Living in Waltztime." Mark your calendars now for Saturday, November 6th, when we will host our CD release concert at The Coffee House. You can see the cover art for…

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Milwaukee's Shepherd Express likes Jym's Live CD 

This week's Shepherd Express includes a very positive review of Jym's "Live...Now and Then" CD. You can read the full review here:

New recording of Jym's "I Have Come to Take My Boy Home" 

The Texas filk duo Ghost of a Rose has released their take on Jym's song "I Have Come to Take My Boy Home" on their first CD, "Plaid & Personal." You can hear the song on their MySpace page: