Five stars! "I want to listen to it again and again. I was looking for an upbeat CD on peace. This is just that, plus great music by any measure.” - Patricia Witt

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Five stars! "This is a must have collection which reflects our troubled times in the best of folk music traditions. A great collection - each song stands on its own but also adds to the theme- one of the best I have heard in a long time, kind of a modern HARP....” - Dave

Satisfied CD Baby customer

“A consummate compilation of Milwaukee’s finest folk…who share the vision of ‘change through peace’ with some very beautiful music.””

— The Shepherd Express

“This collection is better than most.”” - Colleen Moore

— Dirty Linen

“Archival and interesting.”” - Victor K. Heyman

— Sing Out!

'Peace Light' is probably my favorite on the album. It's a jaunty tune with great vocal harmonizing by the Recycled Angels...Pamela Means ('Mule') sings with a great deal of passion. She has a wonderful voice and wraps her almost sultry voice around the words...John Stano's 'Be All You Can Be' injects some humor into the proceedings. It's a fun, sarcastic song.”

— Green Man Review