Biographical Notes

Jym Mooney

Jym Mooney has been making a name for himself on the folk scene in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin for over thirty years. In addition to performing his witty, insightful songs in coffeehouses, clubs, and festivals, he has appeared on radio, TV, and cable. Jym has released several recordings to positive critical response, and his work has received airplay on radio stations in Milwaukee and Madison, as well as on the Wisconsin Public Radio network. Jym's hilarious song "Murphy (The Three-Legged Beer Swillin' Hound)" has aired multiple times on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show. His powerful anti-war song "I Have Come To Take My Boy Home" has been sung and recorded and posted on blogs around the world. Jym's songs have been recorded and performed by Jiggernaut, Sweet Diversity, the Starvin' Band, Jonathon Leubner, Fritz Schuler, Patty Stevenson, Brett Kemnitz, Ghost of a Rose, Skip Jones, and the Moxie Chicks. He performs regularly with his wife, Carol Lee Hopkins, both as a duo and as members of The Moxie Chicks. Mooney and Hopkins also produced the anthology CD One Ball Of Clay – Songs Of Peace And Hope (2002, Moo-Town MTP005).  Jym's most recent project is the first solo album by Chris Straw of the Moxie Chicks.  Echoes Of Home (2019) was co-produced by Chris and Jym, and Jym also contributed guitar to some tracks.


LIVE...NOW AND THEN (2009, Moo-Town MTP009) Live recordings from 1981-2009, including new songs and songs never available on CD before.

SONGS FOR FRANK ZEIDLER (2008, Moo-Town MTP008) CD with Jym's song "Frank Said" and Larry's Penn's "In My Father's Mansion," celebrating the life and work of the late Milwaukee mayor and lifelong community activist Frank Zeidler.

MOONEY TUNES AND MAYNARD MELODIES (2007, Moo-Town MTP007) A celebration of Jym's large extended family, by turns whimsical, loving, thoughtful, and nostalgic. Jym's deft lyrical touch draws the listener in and invites you to join the warm family circle he sings about. "That's a fine CD!" - Art Thieme

EAST SIDE GUY (1999, Moo-Town MTP004) A 19-song CD featuring seven brand new songs plus a dozen selections from Mooney’s previous recordings, including rare and unreleased tracks. “Jym Mooney has long been one of Milwaukee’s best singer/songwriters. East Side Guy…chronicles the development of Mooney’s thoughtful (and playful) writing.” - Dave Luhrssen, The Shepherd Express Metro

IT AIN’T A SIN TO GRIN (1991, Moo-Town MTP003) A 12-song cassette featuring backing by several top Milwaukee area folkies. “It’s refreshing to listen to a set of songs that makes you feel good about life. The issues are not political or satirical, just simple things and the importance that the people around us play in our lives.” - John “Nick” Kinney, The WMSE Transmitter

THE LINES ARE OPEN (1985, Moo-Town MOO002) A 16-song LP recorded live at The Coffee House. “Perhaps more than anything else humor makes this recording. Too often folksingers reduce their genre to a wallowing state of confessional self-pity and philosophical drivel. Not so with Mooney.” - James McCarter, The Crazy Shepherd

REAGAN TIME & OTHER LOVE SONGS FOR THE 80’S (1982, Makin’ Jam MJ1002) The notorious five-song EP with Brett Kemnitz. “A regional classic that became an anthem for the decade.” - Dick Nitelinger, host of WMSE’s Folk City

Carol Lee Hopkins

Carol Lee Hopkins has been a respected member of the Milwaukee acoustic music community for many years.  Her heartfelt vocals have enhanced recordings by Larry Penn, Barb & Tom Webber, and, most prominently, her husband Jym Mooney and the popular band The Moxie Chicks.  


LIVE AT THE COFFEE HOUSE (2009, Moo-Town MTP 010) A collection of classic folk and country songs recorded in concert, with backing by Brett Kemnitz, Jon Pagenkopf, Chris "Ives" Iverson, and Jym Mooney.

The Moxie Chicks (2000-2013)

 The Moxie Chicks are all long-time members of Milwaukee’s acoustic music scene, having met each other at coffeehouses, music parties, and providing back-up work on various recording projects. Their musical motto is “Sweet harmony with an attitude!”, and their swinging three-part harmony vocals liven up a wide variety of original, traditional, classic, and contemporary songs. In addition to their own compositions, the Moxie Chicks perform songs by the likes of Hank Williams, Gillian Welch, the Beatles, Paul Simon, Carole King, John Gorka, and Crosby Stills Nash & Young, as well as songs from other Milwaukee area songwriters. Vocalist and bassist Chris Straw has written several of our signature tunes. She and lead guitarist Jon Pagenkopf spent some years working together in the bluegrass band Pickin’ Up Speed. Vocalist Carol Lee Hopkins has been singing in Milwaukee coffeehouses for many years, most often in the company of her husband, guitarist Jym Mooney. Jym is a widely respected member of Milwaukee’s acoustic music community, with several recordings to his credit. His songs have been performed and recorded by several area performers and groups. Vocalist Jonnie Guernsey, also a long-time Milwaukee area coffeehouse performer, rounds out the group.


MIDDLE AGED GARAGE BAND (2010, Moo-Town MTP011) A collection of favorite pop songs from the 1920s to today, from folks like Hank Williams, the Beatles, Gus Kahn, Fats Waller, Gillian Welch, the Ink Spots, and more. Recorded live at the Moxie Chicks' 100th gig.

CROSS ME, FOOL! (2006, Moo-Town MTP006) Featuring 14 delightful songs showcasing The Moxie Chicks’ trademark three-part harmony singing backed by tasteful musicianship. "The more you listen to the CD, the better it gets!" - Gary L.

ONE BALL OF CLAY - SONGS OF PEACE AND HOPE (2002, Moo-Town MTP 005) Fifteen original songs of peace from some of Milwaukee's best acoustic musicians.  Produced by Jym Mooney and Carol Lee Hopkins.  The Moxie Chicks contribute the song, "Sisters." "Five stars! I want to listen to it again and again. I was looking for an upbeat CD on peace. This is just that, plus great music by any measure." - Patricia W.