Your CD is WONDERFUL! Congratulations on a superb recording, emotionally moving and delightful.” - Bonnee
A collection of straightforward, earnest, acoustic folk originals about the usual suspects - war and peace, domestic violence, homelessness, fundamentalism - balanced by several songs of love or gentle spirituality. The group musters some nice vocal harmonies throughout.” - Chris Heim

Dirty Linen

Your group's wonderful music (is) easy on the ear. 'Cross Me, Fool!' cracks me up!” - Tom
Thanks for the CD! We did so enjoy the recording and intend to keep it for ourselves. If the children want to hear it they will have to come here! We don't intend to let it go.” - Uncle Dale & Aunt Millie
The more you listen to the CD, the better it gets!” - Gary L.
Thank you very much for sending me your album. I found it very enjoyable. Special thanks for the buzzard song ("Springtime In Ohio"). Buzzards have had a lot of bad press. I'm a buzzard booster!” - Antonia
What a delight! Worth waiting for! We love "I've Come to Take My Boy Home," and always find it moving. "Let Peace Prevail" gave me goosebumps.Your CD is amazing. Thanks for making it.” - Mary
I seem to be sidling into a middle-aged romance. "Take My Time" was a perfect expression of my current mental state. Thank you, Moxies!” - Satisfied listener
LOVE the CD!” - Moxie Chicks fan